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About supervision

David supervises individuals and groups online and in person.

He is particularly experienced in assisting practitioners with many years service to refresh and re-energise their practice, helping them to discover ways in which their work can become once again fulfilling.

The focus of his work is providing a pause in your practice to reflect on your practice.

Some supervisees reach a satisfactory outcome after a single session, some after a few, whilst others might return each month for years in order to check-in and have some structured reflection as a fundamental part of their practice.  Everyone is different, that's why you can book times and dates to suit you.

More about supervision and other supervisors can be found here:

If you want to book a free 30 minute session to see if it feels right, you can do so here: 

"We are all busy practitioners striving to do the best we can for our clients and it's rare that we get the time to sit and review how things are going.  I offer you the opportunity to take a regular breathing space, removing yourself from your workload.  In a calm, safe and non-judgmental place, you'll be able to note patterns, make observations and perhaps consider alternatives.  I offer the opportunity to keep your practice fresh and return to work with more balance and enhanced perspectives."

Labyrinth Supervision
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